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Hi, My Name is Vanessa!

I'm an online certified life coach

with a focus on self-love and self-esteem

& trilingual translator/teacher (French, Japanese, English). 


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To you

who always compares yourself to others

who practices negative self-talk

who is trapped in toxic relationships

who doesn't know how to love yourself...

Carefree Woman

The love

you are looking for

starts within you first

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What is a life coach?

A life coach is like a professional motivator: the coach will be by your side to help you achieve your goals and make changes happen in your life.


The role of a life coach is not only to motivate the client, they most importantly support them with realistic solutions and planning in order to obtain results through action, and will keep the client accountable throughout the execution of it to keep them on track.


Video Call

What is my coaching like?

​I actively listen to you and without any judgment will ask you questions that will allow you to notice patterns and will give you advised feedback. 

I guide you so that you slowly learn how to understand yourself in a deeper way and will support your self-growth as well as positive life changes you want to take on.

I give you the tools and knowledge to effectively set and achieve your goals and will support you along the way.

I encourage your self-confidence building so that you take your power back in your life and can find the best solutions for yourself from now on even on your own.

What you will learn

​Tecnics to improve your self-esteem


How to effectively set and achieve goals

​Habits to practice self-love in your day to day life

How to take care for your mental health

​How to build a positive mindset


How to find what you really want out of your life through "the wheel of life" exercise

Ikigai exerices ("reason of being" in Japanese/your life mission)

and more!​

Writing in a notebook at the cafe

What I cherish in my coaching style

  • Empathy

  • To encourage your self-confidence and independence

  • Understanding, no judgment

  • FUN(<Super important!)

What is self-love and why is it important?

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Cherry Blossoms

If you can relate, check out the box!

▶︎ If you checked several boxes, there's a high chance that you have, like I had in the past, a very low self-esteem. 


Self-esteem is something that is built during childhood BUT
no matter how old you are, you can still work on improving said self-esteem!

Shared Office Desk

Is coaching for you?

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Coaching is not therapy.

Asian woman wearing earphones while working at home


​First time (1 hour) → 40 euros

Afterwards, 1 session (1 hour) → 35 euros

20% off (1 session) for past customers.

​*If you are financially struggling, please let me know, I can give you a discount upon discussion!

*Prices do not include the 22% tax imposed by the French government.

Who am I?

  • ​Born and raised in the south of France (Montpellier) (Algerian mum & Moroccan dad)

  • Into anime and Japanese culture since childhood ♡

  • Diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 18 (IBD) 

  • History of life in Japan: Tokyo 1 year and a half・Kyoto 2 years and a half

  • ​2016 | Bachelor's degree | Montpellier 3 University | Major:English language, literature and foreign civilisation

  • Self-taught Japanese for 10+ years

  • Studied self-improvement and psychology and managed to cure my depression which started from my chronic illness

  • 2016-17 | M.A 1st year | Montpellier 3 University | Major: Cultural studies

  • 2017 | Kyoto, Japan | Intership at the Institut français du Kansai (cultural structure at the French embassy)

  • April 2021 | Life coach certification

  • May 2021 | Launched "I Sea You" as individual entrepreneurship

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Pink Notebook

How to book

  1. ​Contact me via the contact form.

  2. We decide on a date for the 1st session.

  3. Upon verification of your Paypal payment, booking is confirmed.

  4. I send you via e-mail the Zoom link and password.

  5. On the day of the session, join me via the Zoom link (you can turn your camera off if it's more comfortable for you!)

Clients' love


A. Female. College student. Ireland.


C. Female. Working. Canada.

M. Female. Working. France.


S. Female. Working. France.


Click on the images to make them bigger.

More testimonials in Japanese here.

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My story

Obssessed with Japanese anime as a kid (where my DBZ and Sailor Moon babes at?), it opened the door to Japanese culture and I became absolutely fascinated with it.

Growing up, I knew I wanted my career to be connected to Japan somehow but I couldn't study Japanese in my hometown. So, I actually graduated university in English studies while self-studying Japanese on the side since I was 17/18.

Beyond my several trips there, I also have had the chance to live in Japan for a total of almost 4 years (Tokyo and mainly Kyoto).

Diagnosed with a severe Crohn's disease, my chronic illness has brought deep physical and psychological suffering into my life.

I asked myself "Will I ever be normal?" Will I ever be happy?"

This questionning led me to start reading books about self-development and psychology. Which made me realize how much I unconsciously was so hard on myself and hated myself so much that I wasn't taking the right decisions (but I wasn't aware of it before!). Turned out I had a terrible self-esteem and body image. And I found the real root of my suffering but also they key:


You deserve the best love.
And it all starts with you.

From your work life, to your relationships, to your finances, to how you feel about your body, your self-esteem defines it all.


Are you are ready to take your power back in life, get clarity, improve your self-esteem and really face yourself and your unconscious limiting beliefs to improve your life long-term?

Are you ready to discover yourself like you never had before and embrace who you really are? (spoilet alert: just an awesome human being having a human experience like the rest of us!)

If yes, I'd be honored to support you on your self-love journey.

Wether it is for just one try-out session or a continuous support along the months as you grow, it is entirely up to you.

Working from Home

English caption available.


Online! (unless I happen to be nearby you!)

I use Zoom, it's a free to download software/app for video calls.


I'm a profesional life coach since Spring 2021 with a certificate aknowledged in all of the EU.


After you have applied for a service, I will contact you back asap to answer your questions and/or book a date and time for our session (note that I am based in France and there might be a time difference depending on where you live).

How much?

Each service has its detailed fees written below it. Payments are made via Paypal (or bank transfer upon request).

Discounts are possible upon discussion if you are facing financial difficulties!

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Other services

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